Soccer odds – Luton Town vs Everton match on May 4


Luton Town's competition history

Up to this point, Luton Town is ranked 14th on the Premier League rankings for the 2023/24 season. The team has many notable outstanding achievements in competitions such as:


1 time champion of the English National Championship (Top class) in 1908/09

2 times champion of League One (Third division) in 1945/55 and 2021/22

Won the FA Cup once in 1932

1 time won the League Cup in 1983

In the last 5 matches, Luton Town had 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. This team gradually asserted its position with extremely impressive achievements. Luton Town's potential really makes many teams wary.


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History of Luton Town's most recent matches

Everton's competition history

Everton is ranked 12th on the Premier League rankings this season with their best achievement being winning the English National Championship in 1890/1891. Coach Frank Lampard's team has had many outstanding achievements as follows:


9 times won the English National Championship in the 1984/85 season

Won the glorious FA Cup 5 times

9 times League Cup champion

1 time winner of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

Everton team is holding many impressive achievements with a series of championships in many tournaments. Everton's performance this season is also gradually stabilizing but without many breakthroughs.


Some matches in Everton's April Premier League season

Advantages of each team through tylekeo86 analysis

Luton Town has a good record with 5 wins in the last 11 matches. The team's defense is quite solid and will make it very difficult for opponents to score goals. They have only conceded 10 goals in the last 11 matches. Many players with good playing techniques such as Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Demarai Gray, Richarlison, James Tarkowski,… will be the team's strengths.


As for Everton, this season took place with many changes such as the farewell to Richarlison. However, the team still possesses a strong squad with many players in attack, midfield, and defense. In addition, the squad also possesses many extremely quality reserve players such as Holgate, Davies, Gomes, Vinagre,…


Therefore, this match between Luton Town vs Everton will bring many emotions to the audience. A team with rich experience and achievements like Everton will be slightly better than Luton Town. However, Luton Town's stable performance will be a reminder for Everton in this match.


Check the football odds for the match between the two teams on May 4

Based on analysis of match history, tylekeo86 can make some assessments for the match between Luton Town vs Everton as follows.


Asian odds

In this match, Luton will definitely have to try very hard to stay relegated. Everton's part is likely to win. However, when betting on Handicap, betting on Luton will be the appropriate choice.


European odds

Luton Town has a rate of 2.38 and Everton has a rate of 2.56, so most of the wins will go to Luton Town.


Over/under betting odds

Luton Town really encountered many difficulties this season when encountering many famous names on the rankings. They performed well at the beginning of the season but slipped further in the final matches. So when playing with Everton, the difference between the two teams will be clearly shown.


According to assessment from tylekeo86, Everton will mostly bring a difference of over 2 goals. So in Over/Under bets, you should prioritize betting Over with a goal difference of 2.5 to 3 goals.

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Evaluate soccer odds with accurate scores

Luton's defense is really having problems and Everton is also not in really good form. Furthermore, Everton also predicts a more open style of play in this match. No one can be sure what will happen, but the football odds for this match are predicted by tylekeo86 as follows:


Half 1: Luton Town 1 – 0 Everton

Half 2: Luton Town 3 – 1 Everton

Predict the starting lineup

When analyzing football odds, the starting lineup between Luton Town vs Everton can be predicted as follows:


Luton Town with members: Kaminski, Osho, Mengi, Burke, Doughty, Barkley, Lokonga, Clark, Morris, Hashioka, Chong.

Everton with squad members including: Pickford, Godfrey, Tarkowski, Branthwaite, Young, Harrison, McNeil, Doucoure, Gueye, Garner, Chermiti.

Above is the entire assessment of the football odds between Luton Town vs Everton on May 4. The match with many score predictions made fans and many bettors extremely excited. Consider many factors to get the most accurate score when betting and update at tylekeo86 for more information!